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As personality cult leader Jacob Prasch’s teflon narcissism makes him as indestructible as a cockroach, he is persisting in his Walter Mitty career of galavanting around the world teaching Christians his pride-inducing phoney methodology for understanding the Bible. Not only is he continuing in his quest to drive everybody out of Protestant denominations, he still has a few pom-pom-waving cheerleaders in the form of Beavis Christi and John ‘Flubber’ Haller. Welcome to Season 3 chronicling the baffling world of the Jacob Prasch personality cult. (For Season One, click here, and for Season Two, click here).


Episode 25.  John Haller: Devil’s Advocate [Faking Prophecy to Enable a Devil]

On Saturday 5th October 2019, John Haller was teaching at Jacob Prasch’s Moriel Canada Conference in Richmond, BC. From there he did his Prophecy Update, his wildly popular and wildly repetitive rehashing of the news, repackaged as Christian discernment (instead of the possible reality of it being closer to TV addiction from a news junkie).

However, for his current affairs/prophecy recap schtick, Haller dredged up a very suspiciously non-current story from last year to make an incredibly strained point about “prophecy”. It was so obviously forced and tenuous, that it was almost as if Haller the professional attorney was trying to plead a very specific case, in front of a very specific audience, for a very specific person who has been exposed by Christians as a devil in their midst………

Episode 26. Jacob Prasch: Peering Out of Cloud Cuckoo Land in Midrash-Tinted Glasses

At the October 2019 Moriel Canada ‘Church For The Churchless’ Conference, Jacob Prasch breaks out his Midrash-tinted glasses to help him interpret his present troubles as evidence that he is experiencing the reproach Christ experienced, apparently blocking out the actual reality that he’s facing reproach entirely because he ISN’T like Christ on any level.
With those Midrash-tinted glasses on, walking around the kaleidoscopic cloud cuckoo land his beliefs have driven him to, Prasch tries his Walter Mitty half-Jewish schtick, condemns ALL of Northern Ireland, says ALL denominations are both not interested in Truth AND are no longer orthodox, and he manages to mangle John the Baptist into a 2000 year-old version of his angry, church-hating self, with Prasch seeing himself as the John The Baptist for the Second Coming(!!) who is preparing the way for the Lord!
People have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act in the UK for lesser claims than that.

Episode 27. The Escape From Monkey Prasch

My experience of encountering Prasch, finding his Midrash ‘treasure’ was Big Whoop, then escaping his idiocy to tell the tale. It was made for Mike and Pat’s blog found at

Episode 28. Prasch Series: Overlook/End

The Prasch series was meant to end after video 1, then after video 2, then 10, then 11, then 12, then 24, then 25, then 26, then 27, and now, at episode 28, with Prasch comprehensively exposed and his phoney argumentation documented and his lies chronicled, and his infatuated groupies John Haller, Beavis Christi, Bill “Judas” Randles, Amos Farrell, CMFI, and Marco Quintana all also exposed, I tie up the Prasch jack-in-the-box/Pandora’s box with the threads of the series’ The Shining motif first seen in Season 1 Episode 2 nearly a year ago. I hope you have found this all interesting and my greater hope is that it helps you to think the way Dr. James White challenged me to think when he exposed Prasch.

Episode 29. Bulletproof Cuckoo [A Critique of Jacob Prasch’s Moriel 2019 Review]

Jacob Prasch put on his Midrash-tinted glasses and looked in his contorted magic mirror in Cloud Cuckoo Land and released a boastful year-end review of his and Moriel’s activities during 2019, interpreting everything from the perspective of one overcome by Teflon Narcissism. He bids farewell to Beavis Christi aka Lydia, as well as 2 of his late cult-members, pulls on his bulletproof vest and breaks out his dollar-shaped sponge in anticipation of shaking down his echo-chamber-dwellers to fund his lavish lifestyle which has firmly hit the skids for his proposed reasons that don’t work in reality.

Episode 30. Moriel 2020: A Fetid Stench

As an accompanying piece to the previous video which deconstructed Jacob Prasch’s false narratives surrounding his and his ministry Moriel’s work in 2019, I made this video which tries to imagine the type of thing Prasch and his cult will get up to in the coming 2020 via extrapolating from what we’ve seen them do in 2019.

Episode 31. Once Upon a Time in an Ivory Tower…

The Jacob Prasch series was initially meant to be a single video critique like from my Bethel series, but it grew and grew into an exposé of a lunatic, attack-minded serial Walter Mitty which drew many parallels from a particular 1980 horror film. From the benefit of hindsight a year later, I made a parody fairytale prologue hinting at what would follow to properly bookend the series.

Episode 32. Dracula Prasch and His Jewish Blood/Alcohol Levels

Dracula Prasch—the fiend extraordinaire—waxes worse and worse and dost continue to wreak havoc upon ministries of The Most High God, with arguments that faileth; yet by his lips they recur most frequent. Consequently I approach Dracula Prasch’s ivory crypt, and he, wrongly thinking that I be Dave Borlase, doth arise from it fortified by Dutch courage and he yelleth “I have in mine gullet 3 quarts of Jew blood!” and as he fumbleth his aquamarine A4 information pouch, I, holding a cross, shout back at him “THE POWER OF DISSONANCE COMPELLETH THEE!”

Episode 33. Amos Farrell the Intellectual Midget and his Thinker/Protector Jacob Prasch

On 1st January 2020 Amos Farrell* filmed himself accidentally publicly undermining the foundational belief his thinker/protector Jacob Prasch’s personality cult is built upon. This video is a study in the effects of cognitive dissonance on Prasch’s ‘ultra’ cult members and compares them to the experiences Leon Festinger recorded in the early 1950s when a similar cult also had its foundational belief undermined publicly.

*Thanks again to Amos Farrell (the new Moriel TV social media clown) for again providing the wealth of information on his cult leader which has been used to expose Prasch for the lunatic Satanitc railer, liar and spiritual abuser that he is. If it wasn’t for you, Amos, and your stupid fake police report, the now 32 episode series exposing your hero would have ended 22 episodes ago! Long may your association with Jacob Prasch continue!

Episode 34. il culto di Moriel (1975)

An action-packed Italian end to the pursuit of cult leader Jacob Prasch and his gang of imbeciles Amos Farrell, Marco Quintana, David Lister, and Servus Christi a.k.a. “Lydia”.

Episode 35. Epilogue: Jacob Prasch: $147,000 for Witch-Hunts!

In a previous video imagining what lunatic cult leader Jacob Prasch might do in 2020, I suggested he may deliberately incur late fees for not submitting his 2018 Moriel Ministries IRS returns due to him being caught out last year paying himself 91k despite claiming to his cult he didn’t pay himself at all. However, foolhardily, Prasch submitted them and told the world how much he paid himself this time around! Bad idea!!
I contrast Prasch’s salary with his target of abuse Todd Bentley to find which one gets an hourly wage closest to the average American wage from mid 2018 of $22.50.

The 2018 Moriel IRS forms:

The 2018 Fresh Fire Ministries IRS forms:

Episode 36. 2020: The Year Moriel Arrived at 1984

Due to the destruction of cult leader Jacob Prasch’s Jewish facade, the accidental cause of that destruction—Prasch’s ultra fan Amos Farrell—has ramped up his propaganda effort to strengthen the two remaining pillars of belief in the cult by creating an hilarious cartoon TV set for Prasch to scream from for an hour and a half, the idea being to present his thinker and protector as a professional-looking newsreader/expert, which apparently makes his phoney argumentation believable.
As with everything else Amos touches, the whole thing immediately crumbles due to the obvious fact that only a person in the cult’s echo chamber or in an asylum would fall for it, with the end result looking like a couple of idiot bedlamites trying to enact an iMovie version of George Orwell’s 1984.

For an in-depth look at the foolishness of Midrash, go to this website:

Despite all the evidence against him now going back 22 years, Jacob Prasch continues, and his cult continues, resulting in a 12-episode FOURTH season to be released. View it by hitting the links below.


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