The Jacob Prasch Cult (Season 4)

The Jacob Prasch personality cult rumbles on in its increasing insanity, with Prasch scuttling the Moriel Titanic accidentally by puffing on his narcissism inhaler on his pet baboon and ultra cult member Amos Farrell’s sofa, by blabbing about his wildly successful secular business.  Through it all momentum finally is gained and as a wider audience becomes aware of the Prasch cult, I update Prasch’s list of 50 sins to 100 in light of the last 11 months, and sign off finally after about 21 months of researching the squad of imbeciles in the Moriel asylum. For Season One, click here, for Season Two, click here, and Season Three click here.


Episode 37. Exposé Special: The South African Job (A Jacob Prasch Caper 21 Years in the Making)

Amos Farrell the Ultra member of the Jacob Prasch personality cult has just released a video he has been sitting on for nearly 3 months. It becomes apparent very quickly why it was held back for so long, and anybody with even half a brain inside the cult would have deleted it. Amos doesn’t have even half a brain though, thus he has made and released to the public the SINGLE MOST DAMAGING ACCIDENTAL LEAK about Jacob Prasch EVER. Now bear in mind Amos has done some amazingly idiotic things to accidentally undermine his thinker and protector Prasch over the past 16 months, from launching a bovine conspiracy theory to attack Prasch’s enemy, faking a police report to cover up Prasch’s spiritual abuse, to capturing Prasch admitting he’s a fake Jew, but this new botched video by serial video-botcher Amos, lifts the lid on a ongoing Jacob Prasch caper in South Africa going back 21 years that in just a few minutes utterly destroys Moriel and Prasch. Well done Amos!

Episode 38. Often Attacked by the Cult…but Never Refuted by the Cult: Chronicling the Fake Jew Cult Leader Jacob Prasch, by tbckawaii

I’ve made 3 seasons of videos chronicling the lies and various types of fraud of Jacob Prasch. In 18 months he and his cult have attacked me, damned me to Hell as “an apologist for apostasy”, tried to reduce the dissonance I’ve caused in their echo chamber, thrown out ad hominem, and in it all helpfully PROVED that all the ministry-terminating things I’ve exposed about Prasch, have been TRUE by virtue of the deafening silence when it comes to compelling evidence to debunk what I’ve recorded.
If you know someone in the Prasch personality cult, consider sending them a link to one of the 38 videos (and then brace yourself for attack).

Episode 39. Gaslight

In mid June 2020, Jacob Prasch decided to record a personal message to famous prophecy teacher and frequent victim of Prasch’s attacks Jan Markell–uploading it for his own 31,000 followers as well of course–in which Prasch “apologises” to Jan for his railing behaviour toward her, so I speculate he’s getting sued so he’s having to grovel to her, however Prasch can’t sustain the grovelling for the whole 16 minute segment and reverts to form almost immediately and hilariously begins blaming HER for HIS behaviour. Prasch also blames JD Farag and Amir Tsarfati. Prasch then begins altering the gas lamps to psychologically manipulate Jan, throwing out straw men as he works his 0% Jewish magic on her.
Also Prasch’s pet baboon Amos Farrell makes a scene-stealing cameo.

Episode 40. Der Golem: The 100 Sins of Jacob Prasch

This is an update to 2019’s ‘to Hell: The 50 Sins of Jacob Prasch’, adding in a further 50 sins that have been recorded since then.

Episode 41. Prasch & The Metatron

Chris Rosebrough outed Jacob Prasch as a Kabbalist who sees God the Father as the Metatron, Jesus Christ as…the Metatron, and the Holy Spirit as…….the Metatron: As this means Prasch’s disciples will be leaving his personality cult’s echo chamber in droves, I put together a Metatron evangelism video for Moriel using Prasch’s own words…

You can read Prasch’s 2009 Moriel Quarterly magazine where he wrote the same as you’ll hear in this video:

The majority of the quotes come from Prasch’s talk on the “Tri-Unity of the Godhead’ which you can see here:

Episode 42. Zelda 42: Metatron’s Cult

As Jacob Prasch’s outrageous activity has finally received wide exposure thanks to Chris Rosebrough, I thought I’d present the tried and true tactic for dealing with the Jacob Prasch Personality Cult, and like in Episode 23 it’s in video game format. Be encouraged that the work of exposing the wicked, though it may seem fruitless for a sustained period, eventually truth prevails over lies and deception. Praise be to God Almighty.

Episode 43. The Windmills of Don Quixote Prasch

Jacob Prasch had his squire Amos Farrell film his Epic in Phoney Argumentation; his most monumental cinematic turd: a 3-hour monologue from Prasch the accidental comedian. He covered so many topics that it would require the production of a 10-hour video debunking him, so instead I focussed on my main topic of interest Prasch dealt with, that being my claims about him cybersquatting the South African Government from 1999 to present day to try to manipulate $1,500,000 out of them. In Prasch’s 70-second segment about it, he went totally Don Quixote in his madness. He also brought up the charge against Joshua “Lydia” Chavez and a peculiar song about a Pink Submarine…

Episode 44. El Niño de Prasch

On July 11th 2020 in his 3-hour epic cinematic turd, Jacob Prasch rehashed spurious information on Chris Rosebrough’s son as a deliberate and rather desperate effort to discredit Rosebrough. As Prasch looks at someone else’s son, I have a look what is in the public record about Prasch’s own son, just to ensure he’s not a hypocrite, and it doesn’t take long to find that the bad nut hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

Episode 45. The Jacob Prasch Cult Series Bitchute Trailer

In Jacob Prasch’s July 11th 3-hour ‘666’ attack-video aimed at several targets, I notice he scoffed at me for being on Vimeo [EDIT: all the videos are now hosted by] and getting few views apparently in contrast to him. Because of that I thought I’d make a Bitchute trailer for the series with some of my favourite scenes from the 44 episodes chronicling that complete lunatic.

Episode 46. Prasch: Full Metal Headcase

On July 11th and 20th 2020, James “Jacob” (Aloysius) Prasch Jr released 2 attack videos running at a combined total of 5+ hours—attack videos in which Prasch, without any sense of shame and without reality having penetrated his Irish-saturated Germanic blockhead, simply rehashed his same phoney, widely-debunked arguments against a long list of his witch-hunt targets, apparently thinking 2 years after he first started spewing those malicious lies and was immediately debunked, that they’d miraculously work in riding roughshod over documented reality this time. The definition of insanity is to endlessly repeat the same things expecting a different result, and as that is the action Prasch persists in, he is, by definition, insane. As Prasch has also this month been outed for his violent threat of decapitation towards the disabled Justin Peters, I review some of the main phoney arguments in his 5+ hour pile of crap films with the help of a fittingly bloody Monty Python sketch, and conclude there is no hope for a man who has so abandoned reality and is so heavily enchanted by the Father of Lies, Satan.

WARNING: this film contains graphic bloodshed, indestructible ignorance, and scenes of a cult-leading nature.

Episode 47. The Prasch Cult Fruit Tree & Its Thirteen Deadly Poisons

Having researched the James “Jacob” (née Aloysius) Prasch Jr. lunatic personality cult for over a year and a half and having observed the quite frankly barking mad disciples he has, I’ve noted thirteen specific deadly deeds and ways of thinking that seem to be exhibited frequently by those cultists, which can be quite fun to spot, and once you learn to spot them you can’t then ‘unsee’ them. Hopefully this video helps you identify the acts of idiocy all the Prasch personality cult members engage in to differing degrees on a daily basis, especially when they are communicating with people outside their cult’s echo chamber.

Episode 48. Les Imbéciles & Their Ascent to Peak Stupid [Exposing Jacob Prasch’s Fake DNA Paperwork]

In July 2020 easily-triggered lunatic cult leader James “Jacob” (née Aloysius) Prasch set out to prove he was half-Jewish as he has maintained for decades and built his attack-oriented “Christian ministry” around since he “teaches” Jewish Kabbalah-flavoured Midrash to dimwits who are out to feel exceptional like Prasch.  So I have a look at the DNA paperwork that friend ‘Fonzy’ and I researched.  And OH….. MYYYYY……. GOSSSSHHH! (O_O)

Episode 49: It’s Servus Christi EXPOSED!

It has been over half a year and with JD Hall (Protestia, and Pulpit & Pen), Chris Rosebrough, and Justin Peters exposing Prasch’s dummy Servus Christi heavily, I thought I’d turn it all into a documentary before the wealth of exposé information on his faked marriage, life of sin, and Prasch’s cover-up got too much to handle. This is likely to be the final episode of the Prasch Cult series, unless Prasch reaches Cult Zenith as I talked about in Episode 48 above. Best enjoyed in HD:

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21 thoughts on “The Jacob Prasch Cult (Season 4)

  1. Hi tbckawaii I was wondering if you have seen this Prasch video. Actually he has some good points about Chris Rosebrough. Basically its Chris Actually preaching about if a Christian doesn’t confess his sin(s) and continues in it and dies then he goes to hell. He talks about being a pastor and being able to forgive one of sins-based on John 20;23 Whosoever’s sins you remit, they are remitted unto them; and whosoever’s sins you retain, they are retained. This is troubling!
    this is heresy. I like Chris and I dislike Prasch but Chris needs to repent of this . What do u think? Any thoughts much appreciated.
    Thank u

    1. Hiya,
      Yep, I saw that video. It was so long that I pointed out it would take a 10 hour video to critique it all, so I only looked at the points I’d raised (his cybersquatting activity against the South African Government for $1,500,000USD) and noted how he lied and strawmanned to escape it. I’ve never encountered such a serial liar as bad as Prasch who is so stupid that he films himself lying. The critique is here:

      I didn’t look at Prasch’s claims about Chris, other than looking at whether by pointing at his son, Prasch would be a hypocrite, as I looked at Prasch’s own son, and was rather surprised!

      Go on Chris’ Facebook and you’ll see in the comments of the Prasch links he posts that people bring up the prayer issue and he repeatedly says he doesn’t believe what Prasch says he teaches. It is typical Prasch though, and in the context of the 666 video, he was trying to throw out any reason to get people off his rampaging demonic trail, hence there are many “red herrings” he drops.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Man I seriously think that Prasch and Chavez have severe mental health issues! I highly suspect that they have been given over to their own delusion based on the fact that they can’t see the truth and the fact that their is no repentance of their lies and evil doings. These men think that have a corner on truth (cult) , its mind boggling how many people follow them.
    Anyways just ranting-

    1. The first person I’m aware of who raised the possibility of Prasch having mental illness was his book editor in Australia, Henry Sheppard, back in 1998 when Prasch began going nuts against Elim and his own Moriel volunteers:

      Henry posited a correlation/causation as being a car crash Prasch had not that long prior. It was a car crash that Prasch had in the UK and he was set to make a fortune out of it, which Henry said Prasch boasted about. The odd thing was, despite Prasch claiming it caused him physical disability in the decades after, I have a video of him talking about it just a couple of months after the actual crash and he is totally physically mobile. I had researched it a bit in an uncompleted film. Although it was never finished, I made a fun poster for it:

  3. James A Prasch gives a false word of prophecy in this video. (based on a dream he had in 1982 )This is actually the first time I was aware of this. Listen to it your self. It’s based on Macabee’s and last I looked that was in the Apocrypha. Shades of the Metatron /Zohar Batman. Praschs biggest problem is he wants to draw people unto himself and out of churches they belong to. In my opinion, it gives him and Lister access to other money. Moriel and JA Prasch overcomplicates the scriptures. A not really deeper meaning of scripture. A deeper meaning of satan maybe. Here is the video Jacobs dream and vision starts at the 28 minuted mark. A big problem with Prasch is he is double-minded he will say I don’t want to slander a person and then goes on to slander the person. He has done this to me before and I have proven it in video and easily refuted James lies about me. Prasch is a double-minded man unstable in all his ways. Listen for yourself-

    1. There’s a LOT of similarities between Prasch and Wilbur Cobb from Ren & Stimpy: both are idiots, both are lunatics, both are charlatans, both have lost grip of reality, both attract simpletons, both present themselves as intellectuals despite being nuts, both talk complete crap, and both would happily take others down in their flames (Wilbur got the electric chair and sat with Ren & Stimpy whilst recieving the volts).

  4. Interesting that the latest Prasch film on “8 Signs of the antichrist” uses very basic Final Cut Pro lower third. I used this same lower third when I was first with Moriel TV before I knew mt was around Final Cut. I do not believe the Retarded TV Network did this film. They would not have used this lower third. This is Prasch using someone and wanting to get a film out quickly. And they accused me of being substandard and not being able to get out films in a timely matter. Woof.

    1. Next they’ll be trying to flog their old copies of Moriel Quarterly, signed by Prasch (except the Metatron issue).
      Maybe their up-coming Q+A sessions will be a hit.

  5. Well if they do more Q and A sessions the real question’s are will Amos where shies and will Prasch change his shirt in front of Amos like he did me and Donna. Maybe Amos should stock up on some BP banknotes perhaps he will get shoes.

  6. Interesting to take note that the latest video Prasch has put out for the Retarded Television Network is made up of a compilation of all the substandard, crappy videos I made for them. Ironic ain’t it? State I was fired (which I wasn’t I stepped down to take care of my wife and then they used the coward’s approach and locked me out without even telling me). Then Prasch states publically my videos were substandard while continuing to use them. What a bunch of morons. They did add a little cocktail music in the background which was nice.

    1. I didn’t watch it all but did notice the compilation. My first thought was that perhaps Jacob wasn’t well.

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