The Jacob Prasch Cult (Season 1)


In Fall 2018 a Jewish-American fringe Bible teacher called Jacob Prasch from a ministry called Moriel turned on a handful of Christian ministries (Bread of Life Ministries in South Africa, Global Vision 24/7 in Scotland, and Intercessors for Britain in the UK) because of wholly illegitimate reasons, to the point that Prasch campaigned all over social media in denouncing them as heretics.

Consequently I began making videos debunking his claims from scriptural and logical positions, ultimately revealing Prasch to be just a blowhard deceiver with an astonishing capacity to twist Scripture to say whatever he wants.

When Prasch saw the first 2 of my videos, he doubled-down, ignored all the evidence presented against him, and upped the ante by saying the proven innocent people were no longer just heretics, they were now ‘apostates’, and Prasch added John MacArthur and even myself to his hit-list. Prasch avoided dealing with the wealth of evidence gathered against himself in these first 2 videos that easily disputed everything he said, and he did what apologist James White isolated as the Prasch tactic to avoid dealing with the facts and truth: he threw a smoke bomb, changed the subject, and ran off. What he left his cultish followers was the fool notion that he alone can understand the Bible correctly, despite his understanding being so twisted as to conclude logically that Jesus appeared in Proverbs 8 as a woman, and that Jesus was in error when He taught in Matthew 12 and Mark 3 that only one sin is unforgivable since Prasch says there are TWO sins that are unforgivable.

Muri ga toreba, dori hikkomu. (If unreason comes, reason goes).

A tragicomedy in 12 parts…


Episode 1. The Phoney Argumentation of Jacob Prasch

Jacob Prasch is a Jewish-American Bible teacher. He is known for railing against practically every false ministry (Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley et al), but has expanded that in recent years to many sound ministries too (such as John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Calvary Chapel, and the like). In late 2018 he turned his attention to gunning down members of his own camp. I have a look at the basis for the latter attacks (against David Nathan and GV24/7) and check out his argumentation that claims both are involved in heresy.

Episode 2. Prasch Pt.2

A couple of days after I uploaded my critique of Jacob Prasch’s phoney argumentation that Christians were involved in heresy, he uploaded a second video taking aim at the same people (David Nathan, Stewart & Deborah Menelaws, and their ministries ‘Bread of Life Ministries,’ and ‘GV247’ respectively), only adding a third target called ‘Intercessors For Britain’ to his list of heretics he tries to destroy (he also calls the reformer Martin Luther a heretic, so they are in exalted company).

I look at his new claims, weigh up his allegations, try to piece together his motives, and try to answer his question “How did I bully anyone?”

Episode 3. Jacob Prasch the Arch-Damner Strikes Again

The one where Jacob Prasch avoids dealing with every single piece of evidence presented against him in nearly 3 hours worth of previous videos, and simply throws a smoke bomb about John MacArthur to assist his supporters in escaping the pain of cognitive dissonance.

Episode 4. The Good, the Bad, and the Echo Chamber

On 10th December 2018, Irish Jacob Prasch acolyte Amos Farrell of Genesis Christian Radio set out to attack South African Bible teacher David Nathan in one of the most poorly-conceived videos ever made, using one of the most ridiculous arguments ever to be presented, describing one of the most bovine conspiracy theories ever shared, and surrenders in just under 28 minutes, his credibility, and he does all of this obviously for the love of his thinker and protector Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries to whom I conclude he has surrendered his capacity of free thought. It’s a car crash, and I rubberneck and provide critique along the way, pointing out how this type of thing results when a person who is suffering from painful cognitive dissonance speaks from inside an echo chamber that is dominated by a personality cult leader who suppresses debate and squelches opinion.

Episode 5. Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General

Jacob Prasch, the Jewish-American Bible teacher, uses the same tactics of phoney argumentation and straw men he used against David Nathan and others in 2018 on another South African Bible teacher called Anton Bosch, who did the dread thing of pointing out a spelling mistake Prasch made in his book ‘Shadows of the Beast’. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take long for the ad hominem to begin, the straw men to be lit on fire, and the word “heresy” to be shouted.

Episode 6. Jacob Prasch: Witch-Hunts, Ivory Towers & Shooting Arrows At The Faithful

Part six in the unfortunately continuing series chronicling Jewish-American Bible teacher Jacob Prasch’s illegitimate attacks on faithful Christians from his ivory tower of Moriel. This time looking at the phoney argument he has made on March 2nd 2019 forcing a non-existent connection between live birth abortions and godly servants of Christ, Jan Markell and Deborah Menelaws.

There is no reflection of Christ in Jacob Prasch, nor in his continuing witch-hunts.

Episode 7. Jacob Prasch & His Ongoing Battle Against Observable Truth

At a recent Moriel Conference, Jacob Prasch went off on a 9 minute long rant, maligning Christians again, so I offer a critique of his rant, and do the thing Prasch doesn’t: that is apply observable truth to his statements of fact.

Muri ga toreba, dori hikkomu.

Episode 8. When Moriel Propaganda Fails

Part eight in the series chronicling Jewish-American Bible teacher Jacob Prasch’s ongoing battle with the observable truth documents Prasch’s release of propaganda when Deborah Menelaws innocuously pointed out how many people were watching his live-stream. It opens Pandora’s Box.

Muri ga toreba, dori hikkomu.

Episode 9. Jacob Prasch: The Lost Weekend

Last week the minister of Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio, Mike Clapham, prayed publicly for the ability to spot and deal accordingly with unrepentant professing believers who have lived like unbelievers for a long time. 6 days later, guess who turns up to teach?

Truly truly I say to you, muri ga toreba, dori hikkomu.

Episode 10. Jacob Prasch: Anatomy of a Railer

Part ten in the series chronicling Jewish-American Bible teacher Jacob Prasch’s phoney argumentation and outrageous behaviour in initiating baseless witch-hunts perpetrated against the children of God.

This part takes a look at the way his cultish disciples respond to the available research that discredits Prasch and his tomfoolery, which is comparable to the way Prasch himself has responded in the past. So we look at an infamous historic response by Prasch, then compare it to the strangley out of character calmly-presented video Moriel TV produced to explain Moriel’s finances, released on ROKU TV apparently several months before questions were even raised about their dividing up of the plunder to Prasch and his secretary….. only to find that the truth is far stranger than fiction.

Episode 11. Epilogue: “Thinking” Inside A Personality Cult

In early April 2019 Jacob Prasch got some of his cronies to come out publicly in defence of his acute godlessness and serial assassination of character.

The trouble was that as Prasch has so shed all his credibility in recent months the only people he could get on his side were people under his control inside his personality cult.

The documents and video they released were comical as they reeked heavily of mindlessness, but they did provide a good look at how people inside a personality cult have their mental powers reduced by their having adopted for themselves a thinker.

Episode 12. Epilogue Pt.2: The Total Corruption of the Moriel Police Squad

In early April 2019, Jacob Prasch’s disciples tried to cover up spiritual abuse investigator Graham Baldwin’s damning research into their personality cult leader Prasch, by releasing a dissonance reduction document for other cult members inside the echo chamber to adopt as their official view of the research to shield then from the pain of cognitive dissonance.

So I take a look at what the document hoped to achieve via its “police” Amos Farrell, Michael Benade, and Michael Keaney, and how it is riddled with holes, and ultimately points to corruption inside the cult.

Despite all this documentation of Prasch’s grievous and outrageously Satanic behaviour, he waxes worse, resulting in a 12-episode second season to be released, then a third, and now a FOURTH. View them by hitting the links below.


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