Bullets, Betrayal & Beelzebub: The Servus Christi Cult

Servus Christi is the channel and moniker of Joshua Chavez (aka Joshua Malone), a kind of Jacob Prasch Junior, a guy who hasn’t fitted into the church or any denomination because he clearly isn’t a Christian as he bears no fruit of the Spirit as per Galatians 5’s list of identifiers of Christians.

Chavez through his “ministry” Servus Christi has for a few years taken out his aggression on the church that has correctly rejected him by attacking various leading figures in it such as John MacArthur, Chris Rosebrough, Phil Johnson, Justin Peters, Doreen Virtue, Todd Friel, etc.  His modus operandi is to sadly yet quite hilariously use the same mode of attack again and again on his targets, that being the Jacob Prasch Patented 6 Degrees of Separation/Kevin Bacon/Damnation Theory , a system of thought that in essence says one person is damned to eternal hell as a false teacher if they ever were in the mildest contact with a person who is—in Chavez’s warped mind—already a false teacher.

As both Joshua Chavez and Jacob Prasch operate an additional mode of thinking which says everybody who doesn’t have the exact same beliefs as them in every area are false teachers anyway, that mode of thinking combined with the 6 Degrees of Separation/Kevin Bacon/Damnation Theory means literally everybody on earth can be found to be “guilty” of being a false teacher by Prasch and Chavez, thus we see the endless stream of videos of them both denouncing everybody as false teachers (a strategy Costi Hinn pointed out as the method of such types gaining a following and a revenue stream).


News reporter and pastor JD Hall a few years ago spoke to Chavez on the phone to figure out what he was all about, a series of phonecalls that helped JD conclude this:

“At the beginning, I presumed in the best Christian charity that I could muster that he was well-meaning. By the end, I determined he was an incorrigible exile outside the local church who had all the business doing discernment work as a cat has criticizing indifference.” [click here for full article]

As Jacob Prasch who came before him eventually gathered a cult of disciples who hung on his every word, Chavez has begun to have the same results, with similarly disenfranchised “Christians” and/or mindless attack-oriented, revenge-plotting churchless types bearing grudges following him, repeating the same inane and illogical mode of thinking that is debunked not only with reason and logic, but straight common sense.

Chavez’s banner versus reality

When Chavez was hired by Jacob Prasch in summer 2018 as his new social media man for Prasch’s Moriel Ministries (a position he held until December 2019), the pair became renamed by myself as Beavis Christi & Butthead Prasch with their “Christian” version of MTV (Moriel TV), and together they produced inane attack videos and went on a series of witch-hunts which were exposed as Monty Pythonesque and idiotic by myself and others.

During Chavez’s time at Moriel TV, I referenced him frequently in my so-far 48 episode, 4 season epic The Jacob Prasch Cult:


…specifically featuring when Chavez was caught pretending to be a woman named Lydia on YouTube when his master Prasch was caught up in a misogyny scandal and “Lydia” was trying to write positive comments from a female angle about the discredited Prasch:

…and then in the episode where the pair of idiots tried to attack Amir Tsarfati, and the newly named “Lydia Chavez” and Prasch were pictured as the witch-hunting pair of thugs that they are:

Because of Chavez pretending to be a woman, he was called ‘gender fluid‘ and nothing but a “trouble-maker” by spiritual abuse researcher Graham Baldwin who began an investigation into Prasch and Moriel, and found Prasch to be guilty of several counts of spiritual abuse.

Because of the off-the-scale level of sheer godlessness exhibited from both Joshua Chavez and Jacob Prasch, and considering how their 18 month relationship on Moriel TV—which saw them engage continually in witch-hunts of godly Christian ministers—was clearly a marriage made in Hell, I perceive Jacob Prasch is heavily demon possessed and it is likely Chavez is too as they share the same utterly demonic church-hating spirit, albeit Chavez was during his time at Moriel TV largely Prasch’s ventriloquist dummy (with Prasch himself being a demon’s ventriloquist dummy, and altogether they produced an unholy trinity).


Chavez’s Doubling Down in the Face of Ridicule

Since Chavez’s system of damning people is so clearly flawed, and produces results which are both hilarious and damaging (hilarious because it is comical to watch a person persist in rank idiocy, but damaging because gullible people who can’t see the idiocy actually believe the idiocy and join Chavez’s attacks against sound ministries), and because Chavez only goes after famous names in order to get fame and attention and YouTube hits (exactly as Costi Hinn exposed), his work has drawn multiple stinging rebukes from many well-known Christian ministries…(click the images to go to videos of their rebukes to Chavez)


All these Christians have ridiculed Chavez’s inane mode of thinking and have debunked the illogicality of his damnation system. Yet, as that one system of damning people is Chavez’s whole raison d’être, he has persisted in peddling it in the face of deserved scorn.  The humour of watching someone persist in falsehood is very funny, and because Chavez has persisted in rank idiocy, his shortened surame Chav/Mr. Chav has begun to become known in apologetics circles as the face/embodiment of the illogical person:


Chavez has, like Jacob Prasch, gathered around him like-minded simpletons who utter the same type of illogical hodgepodge of inanity in the hopes of bringing down big names and satiate their desire for blood, thus not becoming Christlike but Beavis Christilike.

Frank Rogers, who has researched and exposed both Chavez and Jacob Prasch has looked at Chavez’s judgemental hypocrisy and has even found evidence of Chavez harassing a church in New York several years ago, evidence that he has had issues with the Church for many years:


With Chavez exposed for harassing that church like an imbecile, asking how much the pastor gets paid, it became somewhat ironic that Chavez later joined Moriel whose own leader, Jacob Prasch, LIED about not getting paid, then staged a cover-up.…and that of course was a couple of years before Chavez decided to launch his own ‘ministry’ as a BUSINESS in Albuquerque with the capacity to turn his anger into dollar bills as I looked into in this article.

The Servus Christi Sex Scandal

In mid August 2020, reporter for the news website Pulpit & Pen, JD Hall—whose investigative reporting of a sex scandal involving “Christian” teacher and author Clayton Jennings caused the floodgates to open for many other victims of his to share their stories of abuse at his hands—turned his investigative talents toward Chavez, and the resulting exposé has surely caused silence to fall in the Jacob Prasch cult’s lunatic asylum that both promoted him and continues to collaborate

Although Chavez appears much on screen and seems to revel in the limelight, his actual identity has remained somewhat shrouded in mystery ever since releasing around Halloween 2015 the first of his so far 71 increasingly angry and quite frankly unwatchably abysmal films on his Servus Christi YouTube platform. Well through his investigation, JD discovered why Chavez has kept his private life private, that reason being because the alleged deeds of his private life, if true, instantly and forever disqualify him biblically from the ministry career he has embarked on and has built his life around.


Here is JD’s article that detonated the sex scandal bomb inside Jacob Prasch’s doomsday/personality cult that so promoted and collaborated with Chavez [click the image]


If you have a Facebook account you can watch Pulpit & Pen’s reporter JD Hall presenting the article upon its release in a live-streamed video. Click the image below to go to Facebook:


The exposé alleges how Chavez brought a young white South African Christian woman over to his grotto in Albuquerque, had a fake marriage to her performed in front of his mates, went off and had sex with the woman, then told her to get lost back to South Africa, subsequently ghosting his “covenant wife”, all the whilst making sure he never submitted marriage paperwork to legally register the marriage. And JD hinted in the build up to the exposé that there could be more “victims” of Chavez, and more will be revealed about Chavez’s “life of sin” of engaging in “the most egregious, personally immoral, predatory, and debased behavior that simply must be exposed,” and the exposé hints at further sins that need to be investigated:


There have been 2 further data-blasts on Chavez’s marriage and the sins he has committed around it. For the first update from December 2020, listen to JD Hall’s exposing of Prasch and Chavez here. And the really quite startling update comes from March 2021 where JD Hall released more info on Chavez’s reaction to the threat of being more widely outed for his sin, where Chavez sent out threatening emails warning against it, which JD Hall described the following way:

“What he [Chavez] is doing is he’s messaging people saying ‘The woman [Chavez’s wife] is going to be another Braxton Caner. She’s going to kill herself, if you expose me.’”

-JD Hall paraphrasing Joshua Chavez’s recent threats.

Here is the video:

(the major claims about suicide come toward the end of the video)

In March 2021 Chavez also received information that Justin Peters was looking into Chavez’s marriage, so Chavez attempted to threaten Justin into NOT researching it any more and halt him from exposing it to his near 100k followers on YouTube by recording himself in HD basically hiding behind his Kevin Bacon Ideology in his grotto in Albuquerque ordering Justin to read some suspected coercive email Chavez had sent him. It’s the most hilariously idiotic blackmail attempt I’ve ever seen. Here below is the 2 minute quasi threat from Chavez’s otherwise unbelievably repetitive and ultra boring Kevin Bacon Theory-laced gurn-fest:

I’ve put together an overview of Chavez’s marriage and Chavez’s various ways of attempting to threaten people into maintaining silent about it so as to keep his idiotic ‘ministry’ propped up, which you can read here.

What is also ironic is the timing of JD’s exposing of the sins of Chavez, for Chavez had just a few months ago registered his idiot ministry Servus Christi Ministries in Albuquerque, notably as an LLC (limited liability company), meaning the finger-pointer was preparing to go into financial business with his “ministry”:


Similarly Chavez’s mentor and collaborator Jacob Prasch has been in the “ministry” of For Profit Christianity for decades, and has sucked money out of his “charity” Moriel to finance his children’s private education and law schooling whilst lying about it (law schooling that continues to this day, despite Prasch’s son facing 2 years in prison for domestic abuse).

I’ve highlighted in this Scripture passage below the parts where, should all the allegations made against him be true, Chavez in his immorality and anger is disqualified from the ministry (Jacob Prasch’s page would also have the drunkard part highlighted as well as the children being guilty of debauchery and insubordination part due to his criminal son):


Update 2021: The Servus Christi Exposé Movie!

The contents of this article have been converted into a 44-minute 2-segment exposé on Chavez and his mentor Jacob Prasch in what is Episode 49 of the Jacob Prasch Cult series. The film focusses heavily on Chavez’s ‘marriage’.

The more the Christian community points out these frauds, hypocrites and charlatans, the better equipped the Church will be in not only spotting them and dealing with them, but the better equipped they’ll be at stopping them rising up before they cause widespread spiritual abuse as Clayton Jennings and Jacob Prasch have done. Therefore consider sharing this article. Also search my blog for more articles on Chavez.


For Matt.

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  1. Why are all your videos on vimeo taken down? Did Prasch or Chavez flag them?
    Thank u

    1. Apparently they did, specifically the one titled ‘Der Golem: The 100 Sins of Jacob Prasch’. However they are presently hosted on BitChute so the links above should work again.

  2. Is there any way to private message? I have something you need to know about Joshua.

  3. Keep on keeping on! God really does work in mysterious ways. If only one person turns from the Prasch cult due to your work, wouldn’t that make a whole life’s work worth it?

  4. And I believe there is even more involved which may directly link to the Moriel Cult of the Prasch Davidians.

    1. Both Prasch and Chavez are narcissistic sociopaths- imo. I wonder if Prasch will throw him under the bus to try and save his name? This will be interesting. I knew from the first time I listened to Chavez that I sensed something was wrong with him.

      1. Prasch has already made a video blaming women to set up their coming smoke screen. It is the latest on Moriel TV. The network RTN carries the entire video. Typical Moriel. Blame it on the female. Didn’t Adam do that?

  5. The address shown on the LLC paperwork is a mail house/packaging/storage facility. Certainly not a standard office building.or even a residence where he could have a home office. Guess he was getting a PO Box set up — waiting for those donations to come pouring in. Since his “wife” couldn’t support him, I guess he’s turning to his followers to pick up the slack in his finances.

    1. Here is a quote from 1991 from John MacArthur.”I’m grateful for those who will speak out against these evil things. One of the pamphlets that first alerted me to the terrible, terrible teaching in the health wealth movement was written by Chuck Smith, pastor of Calvary Chapel, a straight forward critique of charismatic extremism. There are many like him who have taken their stand, and I thank God for their courage and their desire to be biblical.” end quote – source https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/90-64/Does-God-Promise-Health-and-Wealth–Part-2 So Josh has the Calvary Chapel mark on his neck. John MacArthur said something nice about Chuck Smith. So did Josh get the mark of the beast? Just saying that is using Moriel Cult logic.

      1. NOT SO PRIVATE-Lol it’s all good nothing said that could not be said. If I wanted to say Josh was a scum bag I would for sure say it in the public. Punks and bullies reading here cant hurt me

      1. Josh ex-pastor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skip_Heitzig. Josh probably felt strongly that he was called to be a minister (Josh seems to love power). Skip probably said no so Josh walks. (Speculation here). Skip himself is a huge narcissist so it makes sense how Josh was formed via Skip and then his master Prasch.

      2. He’s brilliant and has done such a good job exposing Chavez as the clown he is. It’s because of Simon’s videos that I noticed Chavez’s ‘gurning’ faces all the time, and now I can’t ‘unsee’ it!

  6. Thank God that His truth will prevail!
    When satan comes as an angle of light, what does he look like? Light?
    So how can a man quickly de-side which is which???

  7. You know the definition of psychopath fits Chavez and Prasch :

    A key difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is whether he has a conscience, the little voice inside that lets us know when we’re doing something wrong, says L. Michael Tompkins, EdD. He’s a psychologist at the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center.

    A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. If he lies to you so he can steal your money, he won’t feel any moral qualms, though he may pretend to. He may observe others and then act the way they do so he’s not “found out,” Tompkins says.

  8. I’m not trying to unkind but these guys are seriously mentally ill.
    Chavez will never admit his sins and repent. That’s why he hasn’t responded because he’s trying to gather evidence and justify himself to keep his you tube cult. His loyal cult memberz will support him regardless. I dont believe Chavez or Prasch have a conscience. Since they never admit their sin and hypocrisy and never repent shows no conscience and no evidence of salvation!

    Sociopath typically has a conscience, but it’s weak. He may know that taking your money is wrong, and he might feel some guilt or remorse, but that won’t stop his behavior.

    Both lack empathy, the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel. But a psychopath has less regard for others, says Aaron Kipnis, PhD, author of The Midas Complex. Someone with this personality type sees others as objects he can use for his own benefit.

  9. Chavez just posted a youtube video ” self confidence will destroy you”– amazingly delusional!

    1. So 15 days ago Pulpit & Pen publishes ministry-terminating allegations against Chavez.
      15 days later Chavez brazenly continues in his “ministry” and makes no mention of it. It sums up the danger of these self-appointed “ministers”. The only person in authority over Chavez is…Jacob Prasch, who himself has been disqualified from ministry for 22+ years.

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