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Jim Moran

From 1997 to 2003 a Christian named Jim Moran posted articles on his simple website that critiqued the Witness Lee quasi-Christian cult known as ‘The Lord’s Recovery’ a.k.a. ‘The Local Church’. It apparently deeply irritated the cult to the point that when Jim passed away, the cult seized all Jim’s writings and his website and slapped copyright on them all, hiding them from the world, which was quite intriguing behaviour!
As a cult researcher I thought it would be helpful to discover what Jim’s articles said that required the cult he spoke against to go to such extreme lengths as a means of aiding dissonance reduction for their cult members.
Having uncovered Jim’s long-lost articles I’ve turned them into audio so that you can also research what was going on:

Justyn from The Bereans in The Philippines who was in touch with Jim Moran, wrote an article about experiences with the Witness Lee cult which you can read here.

And various Christian scholars have written an open letter to members of the Witness Lee Cult to disavow Witness Lee’s various heretical statements and his Cult’s use of legal threats against other Christians. Read their Open Letter to the Leadership of Living Stream Ministry and the “Local Churches” here.

Jim Moran’s biography circa 2002

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Jim Moran came to know the Lord as the result of a lifetime of events that molded and shaped his very being. Jim came to believe in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ while serving in the United States Air Force. Jim was stationed at an American Air Force base located in the United Kingdom, about ninety miles southeast of London. Through a series of events experienced while in the service which are better left unsaid at this time, Jim came to realize his own inadequacy and the need to rely solely upon what Jesus accomplished on the cross for the forgiveness of his sins. Jim left the Air Force in 1983, having been honorably discharged from the service as a Staff Sergeant.

     Jim arrived at the doorsteps of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago in the Summer of 1984. He majored in Bible Theology. Jim graduated from Moody in 1987 with his degree in Bible Theology. Jim completed four graduate-level courses offered through the Moody Graduate School from 1987 through 1988.

     Towards the end of 1988, Jim walked into a local Chicago-area Christian bookstore. The name of this bookstore was Chicago Bibles & Books. In short time he discovered that this “Christian bookstore” was owned and operated by a church fellowship known as The Church in Chicago, which was associated with a movement known as The Local Church. This church fellowship was located just several doors down the street from their bookstore. The bookstore, voluntarily operated by members of The Church in Chicago, would seek to draw unsuspecting customers into their own fellowship through casual conversation and recommended reading materials from the bookstore.

     Having determined that no one else was seriously carrying out research of Witness Lee and the Local Church movement, Jim took the task upon himself. He felt at peace, believing that the Lord Jesus had approved this ministry. Jim has spent over twelve years researching and reporting upon the claims of the Local Church. The movement’s own published literature, both past and present, has been consulted. Great care was taken to respect the proper context of references cited. A year and a half was spent in actual fellowship with The Church in Chicago, during which time Jim spent four months as a volunteer worker in their bookstore. This period of time invested in solid research proved sufficient to adequately and fairly evaluate the beliefs and practices of the group.

     Jim has been able to provide a wealth of information concerning Witness Lee and the Local Church to countless pastors, teachers, authors, cult research ministries, and other concerned persons. Please pray for him as he continues this work!

     Jim is an active computer hobbyist. He enjoys surfing the Internet and the online services, designing Websites, and reviewing books. He also enjoys sharing information about good computer books and products, as well as providing his own comments on other matters of great social and spiritual importance. He lives in Chicago with his three dogs, his many books, and his computer system. Jim can be reached on the Internet at He would like to hear from you soon!

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